Carlos Neves, M.A., M.S.W., R.S.W.
Child, Adolescent, Adult and Family Counselling
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"Where there is safety, trust and insight, there hope shall be."

Working with children, youth, adults and families has shown me that when individuals feel safe, respected, heard and appreciated for who they really are, they respond to life's challenges with creativity and resilience.  My practice is guided by these core values. I take great care to create an atmosphere where a genuine human connection takes place.

My purpose is to connect with you and help you develop a deeper awareness of what your strengths / skills  are, and how to draw on those strengths / skills to overcome obstacles within yourself, and in your relationships with others that may be blocking you from reaching your full potential.  

My approach can be described as supportive and compassionate listening, where I validate your feelings and thoughts, and respectfully ask questions with the goal of helping you gain perspective on the challenges you are experiencing.  Together we will determine what steps can be taken to cope with and overcome the life-challenges that confront you. 

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